Free vs. Premium?

KanbanFlow offers a free version without putting any limits on the number of users or boards. For organizations that are in need of more functionality and faster support we also offer a premium plan.

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Premium features


  • Add horizontal swimlanes to your board to get a better overview of your tasks.
  • Divide your tasks in teams, products, business areas or anything else of your choosing.
  • Set different heights on different swimlanes.

Add task from email

  • Quickly add new tasks to your board by sending an email from Outlook, Gmail or any other mail client.
  • The email subject will be used as task name and the email body as task description.
  • File attachments will automatically be added to the task.

File attachments

  • Attach documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files to your tasks.
  • You can attach files directly from your computer, Dropbox, Box or Google Drive.

Calendar view & feed

  • Get a better overview of when your tasks are due with the Calendar.
  • Filter on user, color and labels to only show tasks you are interested in.
  • Show due dates in your external calendar by subscribing to a feed. The format is iCal and can be used with most calendars like Outlook and Google Calendar.

Users & roles

  • 4 roles with different permission levels.
  • The View & comment role can view the board and comment on tasks, but not make any other changes.
  • Allow more users to administrate users and columns by assigning the Board administrator role.
  • Add users to boards without invitation.

Data export & import

  • Export your task data to four different formats that are suitable for feeding into other systems.
  • Choose between Excel, CSV, XML and JSON as export format. Import data using CSV format.
  • Pick the columns and task information that you want to include in your export.

Manage your time

  • The Time spent report aggregates how the time is spent on different tasks.
  • Monitor your own progress or review what your team members have been working on.
  • Customize the report to fit your needs by using filters and grouping. Print the result or export to CSV.
Time spent report

Copy boards

  • Are your new projects similar to the old ones? In that case, create a board template and save time by copying it at the project startup.
  • All column and color settings are copied.
  • Decide whether to copy the board with or without tasks.


  • Integrate KanbanFlow with other systems by using the REST-based API.
  • Create, read, update and delete tasks programmatically.
  • Use webhooks to make KanbanFlow notify your external system when something happens on your board.


  • Use the search to instantly find the task you are looking for, even when you have 100s or 1000s of tasks on your board.
  • The search matches text in task name, description, comments, subtasks, labels and more.
  • Results include both visible and archived tasks.

Numbering of tasks

  • Automatically number your tasks to easily be able to refer to them.
  • Optionally prefix the number by a text, for example a project code.
  • Numberings can be separate per board or shared between many boards.

Assign collaborators

  • Assign one or more collaborators to a task, in addition to the responsible.
  • Collaborators receive mail notifications, for example when a comment is written, just like a responsible.


  • Got many boards and want a better overview? The dashboard can show information from multiple boards on the same page.
  • Design your dashboard freely by adding widgets. Specify board, columns, filter and task settings per widget.

Revision history

  • Who changed that task? Now you can answer those kinds of questions with a few mouse clicks.
  • See a detailed log of what has changed on the board as whole. Or on a specific task.
  • Filter the history log by user or type of change.
  • Compare a field's value before and after the change.

Time estimate & Task count reports

  • Get an overview of the estimated workload on your board and detect if someone on your team has an unrealistic amount of work assigned.
  • If you do not use estimates, you can still get a good overview of your workload by looking at the number of tasks.
  • The data is aggregated per column and the results can be grouped and filtered to fit your needs.
  • The reports can be printed and exported to CSV.
Cumulative Flow Diagram

Analyze & improve your workflow

  • Cumulative Flow Diagram is a valuable tool to analyze your workflow historically. You can use it to identify bottlenecks in your process and also see if changes to your process got the intended effect.
  • Cycle time & Lead time tells you how long time a task takes between different stages in your workflow.
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  • Priority support
  • No setup fee
  • No contract

Friendly terms

We believe in friendly terms, so we have no setup fee and no contract. Just cancel your plan at any time and no more charges will be made.

How do I sign up for the premium plan?

Start by signing up for a free account, if you don't already have one. Then click on the Get Premium button in the bottom right corner of your board.

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