Writing an article about KanbanFlow?

On this page you can find logotypes, screenshots and other resources that might be of help if you are writing an article about KanbanFlow. You also have our permission to use any other images you find on this site, or take your own screenshots.

Name & logotypes

If you write the name in text, please write it as KanbanFlow. One word with capital K and F.

Below you find logotypes for various contexts. We offer them in both vector format (EPS) and bitmap format (PNG).

Logotypes for white/light backgrounds

Logotypes for black/dark backgrounds

Monochrome logotype


KanbanFlow board
Kanban board with swimlanes
Pomodoro timer
Limit Work in Progress
Customized workflow
Split tasks into subtasks
See completed tasks by date
Board filter
Cycle and Lead time diagram
Calendar view


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