Import and Export

Easily transfer tasks to/from other systems by using the import and export features.

You can export tasks to Excel, CSV, XML and JSON. Import tasks from Excel or CSV.

Import tasks

Add tasks by email

Quickly add tasks to your board by sending an email from Outlook, Gmail or any other mail client.

The email subject will be used as task name and the body as task description. Attachments will automatically be added to the task.

Add task by mail

API and Webhooks

Integrate with other systems using our REST-based API. You can create, read, update and delete tasks programmatically.

Use webhooks to notify your external system when something happens on your board.



Zapier lets you connect other web apps that you use with KanbanFlow. No coding skills required.

Automate so that when an event occurs in another web app, a task will be created. Or when a task is added or moved on your board, trigger an action in a different web app.


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